Independent stylists in today's fast-paced world of professional beauty are faced with a unique set of challenges.

Not only do many distributors and brands ignore these realities, but many independent stylists feel as though they have limited access to the brands and products they love. As a result, building a successful retail business in addition to the services they offer seems out of the question.

At West Coast Beauty Inc., we provide independent stylists with online access to ALL of our products and services to support their unique professional needs behind the chair.

In addition, we have created the best-in-class, WCB STYLIST AFFILIATE program to enable our independent stylists to grow their retail businesses online while earning generous retail commissions-without ever having to carry shelf stock.

All, with just the click of a link. If you are an independent stylist who is ready for more, 

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As a busy salon owner, the last thing you need is to waste time wondering where your sales rep is.

Here at West Coast Beauty Inc., we not only provide you with dedicated live support when needed, but we offer a complete online shopping experience that is second to none.

You can access your account on your terms, in your time, and easily order the products you need to keep your retail, back bar and color bar stocked and ready for business.

We provide ongoing rewards, promotions, deals and packages that ensure you are receiving continued value. In addition, you will have anytime access to our  growing selection of virtual master classes and exclusive entry into our live events.

Are you ready for a refreshing change in the right direction for your business?

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